Monday, August 16


It's been a long time since I had a closet.  Like one with a door and everything.
At new house, it somehow worked out that I got the third floor bedroom*.  Anyway, this room comes with a nook (to be explored later) and a closet!
It was set up really badly from the get go:

two bars (one behind the other?) and this big giant shelf, and tons of empty up-in-the-air space.
Painted.  Bought (and, at great frustration) hung two clothes bars the long way, one the short way.  Put up a little shelf.  Started bringing my (primarily b/w horizontally striped?) clothes in.

I'm really really excited.  A closet!   (Closets are really hard to take pictures of - who knew?). 

*it's kind of a hike to get to the third floor, but I think it'll be worth it?  At Oxford St. I was on the second floor.  You know, near the bathroom, near the downstairs, near everything.  But with no closet (or floor).  So here, we mix it up. 

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