Monday, September 6


Things coming together.   Boxes are getting sent to the right spots.  Pictures are getting hung up.
(Warhol Sams that happen to look like our cats.  Hung up at cat portal level).

We've also got this wall above our couch that's looking pretty lonely.  I DO love that teepee that Carina made, but it could use company.   Any ideas, or anybody want to get up on the wall?
There's about a hundred empty spaces.

And here's good, old Deer, the only piece of taxidermy that came with us, and two of the laziest cats you've ever seen.

Friday, September 3

cat portal reveal

Ok, here it is, in action.  There should be about a million more pictures of this, maybe you'll see them later.  Conception awards to everyone, logistics, Ryan.  Read about it a little bit here.
Basically, it's a hole from the dining room (shown) to the landing of the basement stairs.  That way, we get to close off the kitchen door, and the cats can't get in there and leave hair all over the counters and generally be annoying when someone (Marilyn) is trying to cook.
So far, so good.
Their litter boxes are down in the basement, so they can get down there when then need to, and when the want to hang out in the biggest cat playground you've ever seen (our first floor) they can.  I think it's great.

Tuesday, August 31


 We're working on something.  It's a surprise (unless you already know about it).  Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, everything else looks like this:

Monday, August 30


I'm trying to move away from pile-of-shoes-on-the-floor lifestyle, so I copycated this girl from Ikea Hacker.  I used parts from two Hyllis shelving units ($14.99/ea), drilled a few extra holes, overlapped some parts, and voila.  A shelf so tall I have a hard time reaching the boots at the top.
I didn't think for a second about taking any before or during pictures.  But here's one to kind of show how it's overlapped/put together?
Mostly I'm excited that 1) I figured out the space right, and it fits, 2) the shoes are outside my room, with it's white, already dirty floors (the shelf is in a little nook at the top of my stairs).

Monday, August 16


A couple boring process shots.  One crate at a time.


It's been a long time since I had a closet.  Like one with a door and everything.
At new house, it somehow worked out that I got the third floor bedroom*.  Anyway, this room comes with a nook (to be explored later) and a closet!
It was set up really badly from the get go:

two bars (one behind the other?) and this big giant shelf, and tons of empty up-in-the-air space.
Painted.  Bought (and, at great frustration) hung two clothes bars the long way, one the short way.  Put up a little shelf.  Started bringing my (primarily b/w horizontally striped?) clothes in.

I'm really really excited.  A closet!   (Closets are really hard to take pictures of - who knew?). 

*it's kind of a hike to get to the third floor, but I think it'll be worth it?  At Oxford St. I was on the second floor.  You know, near the bathroom, near the downstairs, near everything.  But with no closet (or floor).  So here, we mix it up. 

Friday, August 6


Knock knock.  (This is our chicken door knocker that came with our new, very old house).

More updates soon, as we slowly slowly move in.